Just in case you weren’t aware, Waleed Aly is so much more than just a Gold Logie winning TV show host – he’s also the lead guitarist in a band that I could only describe as “hard dad rock”. 

It’s true, cop a squiz at him wearing an emo scarf and pulling out some sick guitar moves in front of a green screen:

He’s a very talented guitarist, as he demonstrated by totally nailing (get it) the solo from ‘Purple Rain‘ at a charity gig earlier this year. 

Why am I telling you this? Because it might help explain why Ben Elton giving him a gift on ‘The Project‘ absolutely destroys him.

Elton, the man behind ‘Blackadder‘, ‘The Young Ones‘ and 50% of the books in 2nd hand shops, is in Australia working on the Queen-inspired musical ‘We Will Rock You‘ and decided to bring in a cheeky gift.

That gift, of course, being a Brian May Signature Guitar with a signature from, uh, Brian May. Elton surprised Aly with the replica of May’s famous Red Special and told them that he’s a big fan of the show’s politics and support over the years.

Aly spends the next 3 minutes more or less rendered into a coma with gratitude and it is just so charming it somehow avoids being completely awkward, take a look:

Source and photo: Twitter.