Finally ‘The Project‘ put aside its usual trivial bullshit and got down to the real, serious issues: whether a seemingly generous act in the ‘Masterchef‘ finale was actually a cynical, calculated attempt at winning with dirty tricks.

Elena Duggan managed to swipe the title (Emperor of Masterchef, I believe) last night, not only beating opponent Matt Sinclair at perfecting some form of magical egg, but also jumping in to help him in the last 30 seconds.
Pictured: Magic egg.
But is she a good person or a criminal mastermind? Waleed Aly took her to task, presenting the idea that she had actually stepped in to put him off his game and make him fuck up his egg: 

“There is another theory to this, Elena, I want you to hit this on the head. There is a theory that because he missed that crucial element of sealing the egg, you went over to help him to conceal the fact that he’d missed that, in the knowledge that by convincing him he’d finished when he hadn’t, that the whole thing would fall apart and you’d win.”

Duggan laughed it off, claiming that sabotage is just not in her nature, but who knows what goes on in the mind of a Masterchef champion.

Have a wee watch of it here:

Source and photo: Twitter.