The first official teaser trailer for the new Vanessa Hudgens telly project Powerless has been released, and holy smokes, it already looks like the most chipper superhero-themed show out there. 

The premise: Hudgens and her compatriots, including Community MVP Danny Pudi, work for a company that sells protective gear to plebs afraid of the gettin’ caught in tussles between superheroes.

The company, of course, is Wayne Security. Yes, that Wayne, because Powerless is set in the bloody DC Universe. Have a gander at the teaser and try to reconcile this cheerful sneak-peek with the grittier DC telly we’ve come to expect:


It wasn’t always going to be centred around a personal safety company, either. Initially, the team were set to play workers at an insurance firm, tasked with navigating the Kafkaesque labyrinth of liability and damages in a world where city-levelling battles are a semi-regular occurrence.

That premise is fucking dope, but hey, we’re still keen to see how the tweaked version plays out. Expect the show to appear on American screens from February 2.

Source and photo: NBC / YouTube.