I’m very skeptical about remakes and reboots because, largely, as we all know, they generally suck. The new season of the ‘X-Files‘ we got was thoroughly underwhelming, the remake of ‘The Thing‘ was kind of shit, I can’t even fathom why they did the ‘Conan the Barbarian‘ remake, and now they want to do it to my precious ‘Twin Peaks‘.

Twin Peaks‘ was special for a number of reasons, the first one being that is was absolutely crazy, it was batshit insane television that was somehow broadcast at prime time. People looked at the films of David Lynch and said “yes, you are the guy we want to make TV for a wide audience”.

While it was essentially a satire of a soap opera with a whole bunch of violent murder and weird mysticism jammed in, having the form of a soap opera gave us all the sugary goodness of a really lovely group of nice people being real nice to each other in this (mostly) ideal small town. It was just a bloody awesome show.

WATCH: ‘Twin Peaks’ Cast Spill On Shooting The New Season In Latest Teaser

I have faith though: Lynch is at the helm, absolute dreamboat Kyle MacLachlan is on board, and so are a good chunk of the rest of the cast. 

They’ve been real tight-arsed about dropping footage from the show, but in the mean time you can get your body ready by watching the cast talk about the new season:

This is almost entirely unrelated but I never get tired of it, so here’s Kyle MacLachlan singing the Portland anthem on ‘Portlandia’:

Source: The Guardian.