WATCH: Tina Fey Shares Episodes From Her Painfully Awkward Teen Years

Tina Fey is currently out hitting the publicity trail for her new film Sisters, which releases locally on January 7in a wise attempt to avoid clashing with a film you may have heard of called The Force Awakens
In the line of promotional her promotional duties, Fey made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, in which she dredged up several highly uncomfortable incidents from her formative years. 
After showing off a photo of her infamous Steve Jobs-esque childhood haircut – a look achieved, she says, by folding her face in half and cutting out a heart – she spoke about bra shopping with her mother, and the circumstances under which she saw her first penis.
The bottom line: Tina Fey’s adolescence was probably a lot more awkward than yours. So were her 20s, for that matter. Enjoy:

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty