The first port of call for any Golden Globes host is the opening monologue and typically sets the pace for the entire ceremony. This year’s eminent co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked things off with a mostly funny and completely savage opening that boasts more zingers than a KFC sous chef.

Highlights include references to controversial former Awards hosts Ricky Gervais (Tina: “Ricky Gervias could not be here tonight because he no longer technically is in show business”) and Anne Hathaway, excellent digs at major Hollywood big wigs (Amy to Kathryn Bigelow: “I haven’t really been following the controversy over Zero Dark Thirty, but when it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron”), the Golden Globe governing body the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and numerous digs at their own television careers.

These brilliant, very funny ladies scored a well deserved standing ovation from the crowd and kicked off a fantastic hosting gig (from what we’ve seen so far). Enjoy!