Some things just make sense, don’t they?

We mean in a really, really good way. Like sangas on election day, or a public holiday for a footy game, or one of the most iconic Australian book series being adapted into a TV series by Aunty and featuring a bunch of new, fresh, home-grown talent.

Yup, John Marsden‘s straight up classic series Tomorrow When the War Began series has been adapted by ABC3 into a six-parter TV series, and the first trailer looks mint as hell.

It features a bunch of fresh talent including Molly Daniels as Ellie, Jon Prasida as Lee, Narek Arman as Homer, Madeleine Madden as Corrie, Fantine Banulski as Robyn, Keith Purcell as Chris and newcomers Madeleine Clunies-Ross as Fi and Andrew Creer as Kevin.
If those character names mean nothing to you – or you just need a refresher – Tomorrow When the War Began is the first in a seven-part book series about a bunch of teenagers who, upon returning from a camping trip in a remote part of Australia, find their country invaded. So, being teenagers and some of the last people not captured, they decide to fight back, guerilla-style.

The show launches on April 23; please can we all promise to watch it so the head honchoes at ABC see the ratings and decide to commission Books 2–7 into the TV series they so deserve?

Photo: supplied.