Watch The Trailer For ‘Tinder: The Movie’

What would happen if David Fincher made a film about Tinder? A trailer for that masterpiece we would like to call The Social Network For Socially Awkward Horny Bros imagines what would happen if he did, introducing us to the anti-climactic origin story of a popular social networking tool (and the tool who made it) but instead of lawsuits and Harvard grads it’s shall we meet IRL? and do you even own a t-shirt?

Though the movie might not be real, the quirks represented here are. The best example being that thing that happens when in a monotonous stream of swipe-denying ugly people (sorry ugly people) you chance upon the person you can immediately visualise having 2-4 kids and pizza fueled Netflix marathons with and you accidentally hit next on them and that makes you sad because you will never see that person again because life is not the final third of the Serendipity screenplay and the only thing that remotely makes you feel better is by searching that name on Facebook and scrolling through the first 200 search entries “just in case”.

Or so I’ve heard.