WATCH: The Trailer For Netflix’s $100M+ Queen Liz Series ‘The Crown’ Is Here

Sick of the lack of drama in the life of baby Prince George and craving some real meaty monarchical content on your life? Netflix has dropped the trailer for The Crown, its lush-as-hell period drama about Queen Elizabeth‘s rise. The series cost $100 million – by far Netflix’s most spenno venture to date.

Taste it:
Starring Claire Foy as Liz, the 10-episode series covers her trepidation at her growing responsibilities in the extremely precarious world of post-war politics. It co-stars Matt Smith as her husband Prince Phillip, and John Lithgow in what looks like a reasonably solid performance as Winston Churchill.

Look, the monarchy should definitely be abolished and the Royal Family put in jail, but that won’t stop me watching a $100 million period drama about them while sprawled on my couch like an idiot. Fact.
Source: YouTube / Netflix.
Photo: YouTube.