WATCH: The Trailer For Hideo Kojima’s Game Feat. Norman Reedus Is Fkn Weird

Hideo Kojima, the mastermind director behind the Metal Gear Solid series and hero to people who like their games with deep, allegorical and often incomprehensible plots, has been working on a new project after leaving MGS developer Konami. At E3 today, he revealed what he’s been up to: a bloody mysterious looking one named Death Stranding.

Watch the bizarre trailer:
Beach? Check. Nude man? Check. Weird baby connected to nude man by mechanical umbilical cord? Cheeeeeeeck.
Hey, that nude guy on the beach looks kinda like Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. That’s because it is him. Reedus was slated to appear in the Silent Hill game made by Kojima before it fell through – so it looks like they just moved on to a new project.
Will this be a Silent Hill style horror? We’ll have to see when we get more info.
Source: Kotaku.
Photo: YouTube.