Watch The Thought-Provoking Trailer For A Documentary Examining Why No One Watches Australian Film Anymore

Here are two concerning facts regarding the Australian film industry. 1) It’s been 22 years since an Australian film topped the box office for the year of its release 2) Australian films have consistently grossed under 5% of annual box office revenue for over a decade.

But is the fact that Australians aren’t watching Australian films anymore a reflection of the apathy of the audience or the quality of the films getting made?

Independent Aussie filmmaker Courtney Dawson asks those questions and more in an in-depth investigative documentary Advance Australian Film examining the inner-workings of the Australian film industry and potential reasons behind its perennially lukewarm box office return through interviews with key industry figures including David Stratton, Emile Sherman, Kriv Stenders, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Baz Luhrmann, Joel Edgerton, Wayne Blair and Richard Roxburgh

Watch it below…
Advance Australian Film premieres at the Byron Bay International Film Festival Saturday March 1st.