WATCH: The Struggle Is Real For James Franco In ‘The Disaster Artist’ Teaser

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It’s been a long time coming but James and Dave Franco have finally dropped the first teaser trailer for their ode to cult film ‘The Room‘, ‘The Disaster Artist‘.
The film is based off ‘Room‘ lead Greg Sestero‘s book of the same name, which takes us behind the scenes of the film that inspires its audiences to regularly throw spoons at packed-out midnight screenings, revealing exactly how much of its production was a shambles. A: most of it.

Dave Franco plays Sestero in the film, who is ever-encouraging towards James as ‘The Room‘ progenitor Tommy Wisseau as he stumbles more than 60 times over clunky lines he himself wrote. 
James Franco’s Wisseau impression is worth admission alone. Trust me. 

The Disaster Artist‘ will be out on December 8. 
Photo: New Line Cinema.