Watch The Roots Recap Game Of Thrones Season 4 In A One Minute Rap

Real talk: Whenever Jimmy Fallon calls The Roots the best band in the world, he’s not actually lying. They’re a goddamned incredible group of musicians firing on all cylinders at the very top of their game.

Whether that’s just providing the bump in/bump out music for The Tonight Show‘s ad breaks, or whether it’s nailing MC Hammer tunes so Sam Rockwell can show off his remarkable dancing skills, or even when it’s coming up with short little bits for the show on the fly, the legendary Roots crew are absolute kings.
With Game of Thrones season five approaching, it’s time for to get caught up on what’s gone down so far. Everyone – from the fairest of weather to the hardest of core fans – can use a quick little refresher before being dropped back in to the super complex world of Westeros.
Fortunately for you, The Roots have got your back. Lead lung man Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter is one of the world’s greatest current MCs. And he also happens to be a GoT superfan.
So following a prompt from an “audience suggestion” on The Tonight Show, Tariq trotted out probably the most succinct, complete, accurate recapping of the entire fourth season of Game of Thrones you’re ever likely to see.
It also just so happened to be DOPE AS HELL.

Honestly, part of me doesn’t even want to watch TV shows anymore, I just want Tariq to describe to me what happened through the majesty of rap.
This is GENIUS.