WATCH: The Rock Dressed As Pikachu Dancing For His Daughter Is Joy Itself

If you don’t love The Rock, fuck you.

He’s a big beautiful wrestler turned big beautiful actor who can melt your heart with a single perfectly cocked eyebrow – which is pretty much entirely of what his Instagram consists of:

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Old mate Dwayne took a brief hiatus from posing his perfect big face to get in the Halloween spirit and dress up real dorky to entertain his daughter, much to our benefit.
Apparently his daughter Jasmine’s favourite thing in the world is Pikachu, so DJ (that’s what I call him) did what any father would do: presented her with a giant, unfathomably muscular, 7-foot-tall dancing Pikachu.
The moves are surprisingly wild for a man who is essentially in cosplay:

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What a bloody treat.
Source and photo: Instagram.