WATCH: ‘The Project’ Somehow Bullied Steve Price Into Popping His Shirt Off

Up until tonight, I’ve been baffled at Steve Price‘s presence on ‘The Project‘. I know that, ostensibly, he’s there to provide a semblance of political balance across the panel, but you could easily get that same balance without having the burnt out husk of a radio shock jock whose contribution to the show is primarily climate change denial. 
Tonight, though, his purpose became clear. His weird diatribes and complete lack of a sense of humour have all been building up to one perfect punchline: Pricey whipping off his shirt to sexy music thanks to peer pressure from everyone else on the panel. 
Thanks to a bet he made with Dane Swan on ‘I’m A Celebrity‘, Price had locked himself into getting Swan’s initials tattooed on his bicep – which, in a similar fashion to his entire radio career, he loudly complained and griped the whole way through:
Thanks to the fact that he was wearing a shirt and jacket, it became quickly apparent to a very unsure looking Price that he would need to free his nips, which (very much to his credit) he did.
For all the time you said climate change wasn’t real (like the time you did on this very episode), I forgive you, Steve Price:
Source and photo: Channel 10.