Laughter is weird. It doesn’t seem to have a clear evolutionary purpose, it’s just a weird noise we make when something is funny or we feel awkward. Like how all penguins have a unique song they sing to find their kids or whatever, all of us have a unique laugh –sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better.

In the way of a for instance as to how weird laughs can get, this is the sound Jemaine Clement makes when something tickles his funny bone:

It’s kinda fucked, but it’s adorable, right? Some people are just born with an infectious bloody laugh, like this bloke that was on ‘The Project‘ tonight.

Darren Robinson went onto the show to talk about the launch of the 2018 Invictus Games, which were founded by Prince Harry in 2014 as an international event for wounded, injured or sick armed forces personnel and veterans.

Robinson, a PTSD sufferer himself, told the panel how important it was the Invictus Games was now recognising mental trauma as well:

“It’s a big, big thing to have mental issues recognised, the invisible wounds recognised. A lot of people have anxiety, they can’t go outside, they can’t get out of bed, things of that nature. 

“People from the military, now they want to get back into that team environment. These games give them that opportunity to get out of bed, to get active and, now, with these games we can get out there and belong to a team once again and, fingers crossed, if we make the team we can represent our country again.”

While that might sound actually very heartwarming and not very chuckleworthy, but Robinson cracked it at a joke Peter Helliar made about the ‘Hunger Games‘ (revealing a somewhat surprising knowledge about the ‘Hunger Games‘, I might add).

Other than having a very delightful laugh, he also makes a pretty lovely tribute to a mate at the end. Onya legend.

Source and photo: Channel 10.