WATCH: ‘The Project’ Breaks Mack Horton With Left-Field Unprotected Sex Gag

It feels like they only just started, but the Olympics are already over and done with for another 4 years, with our athletes coming home to be interrogated about why they only came 2nd in one of the most hotly contested sporting events in the world by people who have never run a mile in their life.

Mack Horton, Aussie swimmer and now possibly the least popular man in China, made mondo headlines both for winning gold in the 400m freestyle but also for copping unbelievable heat on social media after he brought up fellow swimmer Sun Yang‘s history of drug cheating.
The Project‘ went deep with him, asking how it feels to be literally the fastest swimmer in the world (although I hold out hope that there’s just some guy somewhere who’s better but isn’t interested in showing off) and whether gold medallists get to sit up the front on the plane ride home (it turns out no, the basketballers do because they’re the tallest).
They also decided it would be particularly hilarious to wait until he was relaxed and throw a joke about him having unprotected sex at him before cutting rapidly away to commercial as he tried his best to come up with a response while doing his best deer in the headlights impression.
Thanks to the Zika virus, athletes returning from Rio have been warned against having unprotected sex for 2 months after they get back, as Carrie Bickmore delightfully decided to remind Mack, before Peter Helliar quickly jumped in next to ask if he had any plans to.
What happens next is a very quick procession of laughter, awkward silence, laughter, a call to go to commercial and Mack Horton drinking water like it is very much not his business:

Photo and source: Twitter.