WATCH: The ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Kick Maximum Butt In First Clip From New Series

Tis the era of reboots and revivals in the merry ole’ land of TV. But fortunately for everyone it’s only the highly beloved shows that are being gifted new life in the two-oh-one-six.

Back in 2014 Cartoon Network announced that the critically acclaimed and absolutely awesome series The Powerpuff Girls would be returning for a new series due to “overwhelming demand” (even if it is without the involvement of series creator Craig McCracken).
Though the exact premiere date is still vague, we do know that the season will kick off on the cartoon giant’s channels at some point in the coming few months.
And now we have the first clip from the series: a short sequence from an episode entitled “I Am Not A Princess,” in which Buttercup takes a lumberjack with some remarkably MRA-ish mantras to the fucking woodshed.


Seriously, you hulking idiot. You don’t ever – EVER – call Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup Princess.”
It ain’t worth the pain.
Source: Deadline.