Watch The Pivotal Slap Go Down On The US Premiere Of ‘The Slap’

Rebooting a TV series for the palettes of American viewers doesn’t always bode so well—the American version of ‘The Office’ is perhaps the most gleaming exception to that rule, however—the latest American remake of an Australian series follows on the success of Christos Tsiolakis’ novel and ABC mini series ‘The Slap’, taken on by NBC.

The series has been ambitiously recreated with a huge cast: Zachary Quinto, Uma Therman, Thandie Newton, Melissa George, Peter Sarsgaard and Brian Cox make up the key players of the show. The NBC remake swaps suburban Australia for chic yuppie-teeming Brooklyn, and trades cricket for baseball in the show’s pivotal scene. 

Reviews coming in from the series’ premiere are fairly mixed. The New York Times praised the show as “a remarkable feat — a sophisticated, suspenseful comedy of ill manners,” while the Wall Street Journal was not as impressed, claiming it is prime love/hate material: “If ever a show was made for hate-viewing, it’s The Slap.”

Watch the show-stopping moment led by Zachary Quinto of ‘The Slap’ below. 

via Vulture.