Watch The Magical New Trailer For Peter Pan Movie ‘Pan’

Is there anything more apt to tug at your childhood heart strings than J.M. Barrie‘s tale of Peter Pan and Wendy chasing eternal youth in Neverland?

If it is, then get ready friends, because the new trailer for Warner Bros. movie ‘Pan‘ dropped this morning, and it’s nothing short of magical.

The latest film adaption of Peter Pan pushes everything further: the sets are vaster, the mood is darker, and the crocodile is about 16 feet long. Rooney Mara as Tigerlily looks straight out of Burning Man, and a headdress made of pom poms isn’t likely to quieten the outrage that a character meant to be a Native American is played by a white girl. (See: whitewashing.)

Everything else, though, is pretty spot on. Cara Delevingne appears for approx. half a second as a mermaid, which will draw basics in like moths to a scented flame.

‘Pan’ is set to be released on 9 October 2015.