WATCH: ‘The Grand Tour’ Trio Hoon It, Drop Release Date In Teaser Trailer

Of all the possible outcomes of punching a colleague square in the face, walking away with a brand new, big-budget TV show kinda seems like the least likely. Yet, Jeremy Clarkson and his compatriots James May and Richard Hammond somehow emerged from Clarkson’s much-publicised blow-up with a partnership with Amazon Prime.

While their original stomping ground Top Gear has struggled at times to recover from the loss of its blokey leading trio, newie The Grand Tour has been bubbling away for a while. A few tidbit trailers have dropped to keep revheads satisfied, but now the show officially has a release date:

November 18. And how did they announce this news? By fangin’ it around a track in supercars, of bloody course:

We’re keen to see what’s going on with those desert buggies, TBQH, but laying rubber in a Ferrari isn’t such a bad life either. 

There isn’t an official Amazon Prime streaming platform in Australia… Yet. That being said, there have been hints they’ll use The Grand Tour as a masthead show for a possible expansion Down Under. 

Get keen.

Source and photo: The Grand Tour / YouTube.