WATCH: The First Look At ‘Elvis & Nixon’ Is A Commie-Busting Fever-Dream

Around a decade ago, Johnny Knoxville and the brilliant / obnoxious / brilliantly obnoxious Jackass crew somehow managed to snag a little-known guest member by the name of Brad Pitt. After being given access to a legitimate international superstar who was down for whatever, d’ya know what they did with him? Do ya?

Of course you do. They got him in a gorilla suit, sat him on a trike and pushed him down a bloody hill. Obviously. 


While they also managed to play off his notoriety with a fake kidnapping – before all of this “It’s just a prank, bro!” bullshit, too – that three-wheeled bit of ridiculousness is an example of just how good things can be when high-profile talent just says “fuck it.”

Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon are Brad Pitt. Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley are their gorilla suits. Elvis & Nixon is the trike, and Amazon Studios is the steepest hill they could find. At the bottom? An April 2016 release. 

Guess what? Johnny Knoxville makes an appearance in this one, too. Get educated on one of the most ridiculous, real-life happenings in U.S. Presidential history below:

Photo: Youtube.