Watch The First Full-Length Trailer For Dexter’s Apocalyptic Final Season

Blood, booze and retribution rain down all over the first full-length trailer for the now formulaic eighth and final season of Dexter, the overriding theme of which looks to be “braaains.” 

There’s a new killer in town with a penchant for botched cranial lobotomies; fine wine Charlotte Rampling plays a neural psychiatrist who also enjoys wearing white and digging deep into the minds of psychopaths [symbolism!]; and Deb has literally lost her mind after shooting Captain María Esperanza del Alma LaGuerta, who has now been transfigured into a park bench after being shot in a shipping container of the kind in which Dexter’s psychopathic tendencies were born. Neat parallelism, right?
The final twelve episodes of Showtime’s hit-and-miss slaughter-fest will begin airing June 30th.