Watch The First ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Clip, If You Can Handle It

Bondage sex movie Fifty Shades of Grey is coming soon (hahha, DYSWIDT?), and the people behind the film have just released some new footage, some of it in the form of a trailer, that ran during yesterday’s Super Bowl, as well as an actual, entire scene, which you can watch below. First, the new trailer:
Now, the money shot. Overnight, The American Today show premiered some footage from the film, showing Jamie Dornan‘s Christian Grey visiting Dakota Johnson‘s Anastacia Steele in a hardware store. If you’re having any difficulty viewing this on a mobile, you can check it out directly on Today‘s site
A creepy guy who hangs around hardware stores, hoards cable ties and duct tape, is overly forward with women and comes off like a serial killer … where have we seen that before? Oh yeah. 

This all just became fifty shades more disturbing.