Less than a week after being utterly shunned at the Academy Awards, Deadpool has returned to the big screen. Well, in teaser form, but still.

Audience-shot footage, apparently captured before a screening of Logan, shows Ryan Reynolds and that svelte black-and-red number for the first time since the original film’s many, many marketing ventures. 

Spoilers ahoy, obviously, but the Deadpool 2 taster riffs heavily on the classic imagery of Clark Kent dressing himself up as Superman in a phone booth. An assault on an innocent can be heard in the background. That instantly-recognisable theme blares as Mr. Pool / Wade Wilson wrangles with his threads. 

Of course, since it’s Deadpool, he rocks up too late. Upon observing ol’ mate’s recently-deceased body, the anti-hero reckons “you know who would have been able to save you? Logan. He doesn’t have to change into anything. All he wears is jeans and a tank-top.”


Considering Deadpool’s downright masterful use of social media, it seems likely Fox’s bigwigs decided to leak this promo themselves. If that is the case: bravo, you internet savvy media magnates.

In any case, catch the shadily-ripped footage below:

Source: Deadline.
Photo: Screen Junkies / YouTube.