The Internet. We short attention-spanned Gen Y-ers would define it as a hub of infinite amusement or wiki-d invention that has revolutionised the nature of communication and information. And what about social media? Well, the haters might argue it has turned us into a bunch of lazy, impersonal, and non-credible jackasses, destroying invaluable face-to-face interactions, fostering cyberstalking, spawning a rise in pedophilia and forcing Post Offices all over the country to shut down under the mercy of unprofitabilityshut down under the mercy of unprofitability.

Well, shut up, that’s what I say. Shut the hell up and watch this clip (if you haven’t already, you steadfast web devotees you), illustrated using our favourite interweb applications, which gently reminds the forgetful members of our dynamic generation how Christmas began. With accompanying visual stimulation, you’re sure to remember good and well that Christmas is a time for greed, commercialism and inappropriate/awkward macking under misletoes. Props to Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

We love you internet. Never change x

By Melissa Kenny