WATCH: The Dark ‘Cars 3’ Teaser Is Here To Ruin Every Single Child’s Day

There are numerous questions one might ask about the insanely popular and profitable Pixar series Cars. What about climate change? Do humans exist in the world of the cars? Is this some kind of post-apocalyptic hell where cars become self-aware and murdered all of humanity? Do the cars fuck?

Well, there’s a third movie coming which could theoretically go some way toward answering those questions – and, failing that, at least sell a shit-tonne of merchandise and toys. But the first trailer for Cars 3 is slightly less kid-friendly than the series has historically been.
Why? Well, it appears to feature the main character, Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen, dying in some sort of terrible crash. For real:
Welp. RIP to the car with a face. Sorry kids.
Source: YouTube.