There are just 10 days between now and when ‘American Horror Story: Hotel‘ returns to Eleven on October 12th, and to whet your appetite to positively salivating levels, they’ve released the opening title sequence,

American Horror Story is notorious for their spine-chilling opening credits, but this time they might have managed to out-creep themselves; you won’t just be checking under the bed for monsters, you’ll check the whole fucking mattress.

This season, AHS is getting biblical:

A few days ago a sneak peak for ‘Hotel’ – starring Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, Sarah Paulson, Angela Basset, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Wes Bentley, Chloë Sevigny, Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson, and, of course, Denis O’Hare – was released, and TBH, they’ve followed the ‘sneak’ bit to a tee: it’s 20 seconds long.

And ICYMI, here’s a rundown of the main inhabitants of Hotel Cortez, including The Countess (Lady Gaga + 12 feet of blonde hair), her lover Donovan (Bomber), and her new bang-buddy Tristan (Wintrock).

TEN DAYS TO GO, YOU GUYS. Just watch the trailer again / 400 times:

Edit: we done goofed – the story was originally posted saying AHS was premiering on Foxtel’s FX. Awks. It’s on Eleven.

Images: American Horror Story.