Considering the murky swamp of American politics John Oliver is tasked with distilling into actual humour, it makes sense why the Last Week Tonight host would latch onto dumb news from New Zealand. Like precious gifts from a far away land, Oliver relishes content from our Antipodean neighbours. Rewatch his takedown of the dildo-slapped pollie for a refresher.

So, when the HBO offices learned of the Kiwi copyright trial centred on a political party’s use of a song that’s miiighty close to Eminem’s Lose Yourself, the shouty left-wing host of your dreams practically exploded with glee. 

“This court case has been everything I’ve needed right now,”
Oliver said, before gushing how footage from the dour courtroom is “the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Some define comedy as tragedy pus time, but for me, the purest definition is a middle-aged Kiwi in a robe playing Eminem’s Lose Yourself to a completely silent and motionless courtroom.”

Old mate didn’t let it die there, though. After his wrap-up of President Donald Trump’s Affordable Care Act Amendment, Oliver couldn’t help but insert his own Slim Shady pisstake.



Thanks, New Zealand, for taking the brunt of this week’s political mockery. It was probably funnier than the lead-up to our Federal Budget, at least.

Source and photo: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver / HBO.