WATCH: Stephen Colbert Drops The One ‘Star Wars’ Explainer You’ll Ever Need

Forget his faux-asshole persona on the Colbert Report; the character Stephen Colbert needs to play resides somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. The Late Show host is absolutely frothing over The Force Awakens, and we’ve even seen him flash his vintage, commemorative Star Wars soap-bars on the show before trying to make Han Solo a Han Duo. 

Last night’s program summed up exactly what makes Colbert a primo candidate for Episode VIII, though. Unlike the majority of the Western world, China never really had the opportunity to latch onto the series when it debuted in ’77 ’cause of the country’s restrictions on external media.

In an attempt to bring the planet up-to-date on the saga, Colbert uses his uber-fan status to give a succinct, no-bullshit rundown of the whole deal. 

Forget the prequels, Midichlorians, trade negotiations and Jar Jar goddamn Binks, ’cause Uncle Stephen is here to deliver the facts. Not only that, the dude nailed all the essentials without a hint of the nerdish superiority that might have scuttled attempts by lesser late-show hosts. 
Sign him up, Rian Johnson:

Photo: Youtube.