WATCH: ‘Star Wars’ Gun Felicity Jones Destroys Fallon In “Lightsaber” Duel

Felicity Jones is an adorable human being, not to mention a killer actress, and we couldn’t be more confident that she is gonna be an all-round boss legend as the lead in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ (the franchise has been totally nailing the sassy British female protagonist vibe recently). 
Jones swanned onto the ‘Tonight Show’ to talk about Rogue One; particularly the amount of hardcore physical training (mainly Kung fu) she had to learn for the role.
“It was many hours of devotion and practice and doing it over and over again,” Jones said, and confessed that she is “wanting to make Jyn a badass,” so I am just thrilled that we are on the same page re: that very important point.
After some cheeky cajoling from host Jimmy Fallon, the two end up whipping out some “fake” Star Wars weaponry so Jones can show off her awesome skills. The verdict is in that she is a Kung fu master and Jyn will no doubt be badass as all hell. 
Also, watching Jimmy’s eyes actually light up with terror in the face of her wrath is deeply satisfying. Have a squiz below (watch the action unfold around the 0:55 mark):
Source and photo: YouTube.