‘South Park’ Used A Kendrick Cover To Hang Shit On White Supremacists

South Park is moving with the (increasingly insane) times. Instead of having the show’s howling pile of white supremacists rail against immigrants for taking der jerbs, the premiere of the show’s 21st season found those same gronks complaining that digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home were putting them out of work.

That tech hatred is still a pretty clear allegory for heightened racial tensions over in the United States, but it also references the very real conflict between traditional work and the encroaching realities of automation.

So, when the town’s angriest mob decided to upskill for the coming years, they got to work as ‘analogue’ digital assistants. Just ‘assistants’ then, we guess. Assistants who were tasked with taking notes, providing traffic details, and trying as hard as possible to play Kendrick Lamar bangers.

In the latest of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s musical numbers, Jim Bob whips out the acoustic for an unconventional rendition of Kung Fu Kenny’s DAMN. stand-out Humble.

For what it’s worth, the episode also seemed tailor-made to fuck with people’s actual Alexa and Google Home devices. South Park. Still stirring shit, all these years later.