Much like tonight’s host Ronda Rousey, when Saturday Night Live hits, it hits hard. 

Up first, an appearance from Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin, who is literally just quoting the real Palin at this point.

From there, SNL tore into the furore surrounding the complete absence of people of colour being nominated for The Academy Awards’ acting categories. 

Obvious parallels are drawn. Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan, becomes ‘Punching Upwards’; Sylvester Stallone, who some actually thought should have gotten the nod, is mirrored in Taran Killam. Fair enough. 

From there, the nominations spiral into a bland melange of bit-parts, filled by notably white dudes. Each featurette draws the over-abundance of milky-faced blokes into contrast with their black co-stars.

The result? Well, not surprising, but definitely pointed and worth a cynical chuckle or three. Watch:

Source: Mediaite. 
Photo: Playwire.