WATCH: ‘SNL’ Lets Baldwin & McKinnon Drop The Act To Show A Lil’ Optimism

We’ve pointed out that it must be exhausting for Alec Baldwin and the Saturday Night Live crew to send up Donald Trump on account of the Republican nominee’s inherent ridiculousness.

The show’s latest ep acknowledged that viewpoint, but also broadened it: this entire US election cycle has been a gruelling slog, and embodying the none-too-popular Hillary Clinton has also been rough for Kate McKinnon. 

SNL utilised both players one last time before the actual election for a surprisingly earnest and fourth wall-breaking bit, in which the pair admits this whole thing sucks, before running hand-in-hand right out of the studio and into the streets.

Sure, it’s goofy and saccharine, but they’re allowed to be after spending months trying to eke comedy from the most vicious campaign cycle in living memory. Scope it out below:

Source: Saturday Night Live / NBC.
Photo: Alex Schaefer / NBC / Saturday Night Live / Twitter.