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When Seth Rogen gifted us with a teaser trailer for his upcoming flick Sausage Party, we were perfectly bloody content accepting the animated feature as an hour-and-a-half dick joke. The first full trailer has shown that while yeah, there will be wiener gags a-plenty, it’s also AN EDIBLE SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. 

While that particularly gory clip (hell, it’s not even gory, it’s just animated spaghetti) might make you… well, lose your appetite, the film’s bonkers cast might just be enough to bring you back. Rogen’s there, natch, plus literally everyone in his messed-up sphere of influence. 

Expect to hear Kristen Wiig, James Franco, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, and Danny McBride ham it up with Edward Norton and Salma Hayek, as the anthropomorphic foodstuffs come to the horrifying realisation they’re literally what’s for dinner. 
If we’re going to riff on the sausage theme, we’ll say this: quite frankly, it’s morbid as sin. That being said, we’ll still be sneaking stashed snacks past cinema ushers when the flick drops. 

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.