U.S. President Donald Trump‘s bullshit is coming very close to reaching critical mass, and the media is still trying to rationalise – hell, trying to explain – Trump’s first combative, deceptive, and anti-factual press conference as Commander in Chief.  

Seriously, there was a lot to unpack. While the channels Trump has repeatedly branded as “fake news” are doing their best to work through it all, Late Night with Seth Meyers figured it’d shoulder some of the load, too. 

Tearing through some of the conference’s more egregious moments, the eponymous host latched onto Trump’s repeated dismissals, put-downs and apparent belief that sinking a Russian ship would be a bloody gr8 thing to do. 

Notably, Meyers also tore into Trump’s response to a question about meeting the Congressional Black Caucus. Trump insinuated no such meeting had been organised, and asked the African-American journalist who asked the question if she knew ’em.

Welp, in addition to Meyers’ pretty solid take that “it’s racist to assume all black people know each other. You don’t know all orange people,” the group in question went ahead and posted this:

Thanks to all of that, you may have a better idea of how truly gacked the whole deal was. Watch the clip from 4:30 below:

Source and photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers / YouTube.