Watch Scott Dooley On Hating On The Haters

More than producing thrilling content to distract you from the looming spectre of death, we love hearing from a few of our more vociferous readers and value their thoughtful and articulate contributions to The Discourse on social media. It’s all true!

Scott Dooley – whom I’m going to assume you have a level of familiarity with by virtue of your reading this – feels the same way, apparently. How does he hate the haters? Let him count the ways… 

Fresh off the back of a year touring his stand-up both in Australia and abroad, Señor Dooley has just birthed his aptly-titled documentary debut, Debut, unto the world. You can watch the trailer for that below, and you can catch him and tell him how much you h8 him at the following dates and venues:

February 19th – 21st: Palace Nova Cinemas, Adelaide (Adelaide Fringe Festival) – Get Tickets 
March 26th – April 17th: Trades Hall, Melbourne (Melbourne International Comedy FestivalGet Tickets