WATCH: Samuel L Jackson Gives A Mthfkn Recap To ‘Game Of Mthfkn Thrones’

It feels like ‘Game Of Thrones‘ has been going for a thousand years – not because it’s tedious or anything but just because so much shit has happened that it makes the start seem like a very long time ago; remember when Ned Stark was alive and we thought he was the hero? It was a beautiful, naive time.
Unless you have 60 hours to spare (count ’em, 60) or you get a lot of pleasure from reading episode summaries on Wikipedia (u nerd), going back through all that shit can be kinda tricky, luckily for you, one of the swearingest, badassest motherfuckers on the planet has recapped it for you in a very convenient 7 minutes and 40 fuckin’ seconds: Samuel L. Jackon.
A dude from ‘Star Wars‘, ‘Captain America‘, ‘Jurassic Park‘ and ‘Pulp Fiction‘ doing ‘Game Of Thrones‘ shit is like a nerd’s wet dream and maybe just a regular dream for normal people, but it’s definitely insanely cool.
Listen to his rich, profanity-laden voice as he explains Joffrey:
“But the guy who’s on the throne now is the heir, he’s not exactly humble about it either. People doubt the legitimacy of his right to the throne because his uncle and his mum the Queen are a little too… close.”
And Daenarys:
“Meanwhile no-one is paying attention to Danny, who did pretty well for herself. The dragons are even bigger and can now do some serious damage. She’s got thousands of followers and 8000 of the baddest soldiers in the land. Now that’s formation.”
Get it up ya:
Photo: YouTube.