WATCH: S6 Jon Snow Looks Much Alike To S5 Jon Snow In New ‘GOT’ Footage

The warped minds behind Game Of Thrones (yes, minds, ’cause George R. R. Martin ain’t the only one pioneering the story anymore) have been drip-feeding us tidbits about Season 6 for a long time. Not a period of time A Song Of Ice And Fire book fans would classify as long, but still, long enough.

In that time, we’ve seen a slew of teaser trailers hinting at who’s gonna cark it next through piecemeal flashes of footage. On tonight’s episode of Conan, well, the Onion Knight himself Liam Cunningham brought along a serious slab of ne’er-before seen footage that actually makes narrative sense. 

In it, The Night’s Watch Alliser Thorne and his merry band of fuckboys (looking at you, Ollie) attempt get at Ser Davos up at Castle Black. Worth noting: Jon Snow’s corpse. There you go, folks. As far as new footage goes… He’s still dead. Very, very dead. Deal. 

Anyway, watch the new footage after seeing Cunningham deal with HBO’s spoiler-hunting snipers in the clip below:

Source and photo: Conan / YouTube.