WATCH: Ryan & Rusty Get Rowdy In First Trailer For R-Rated ‘The Nice Guys’

Very few people seem to be as ‘in their element’ as Russell Crowe does when he’s given a license to smash faces on screen. Thankfully, The Nice Guys has swaggered its way into our consciousness, showcasing a very rowdy Rusty let off the chain.

Australia’s burliest export has also been given a very capable compadre in one Ryan Gosling, who is no stranger to a spot of fisticuffs himself. The film, helmed by Iron Man 3’s Shane Black, follows the two are they snoop and manhandle their way across Los Angeles in the 70s. 

It’s also prodigiously gory.

Gosling’s reaction in the elevator after some wanton blood-shedding is a far cry from his boot-stomping lift-ride in Drive, but hot damn if we’re not keen to see him wreak havoc while decked out in polyester when the film drops next year.

Satisfy your bloodlust below:

Story: Variety.
Photo: Youtube.