WATCH: Rising Aussie Comedian Nick Cody Does A Ripper Debut Set On Conan

We all love a homegrown hero. Aussie comedian Nick Cody took his rightful place at one of the most hallowed spots for an aspiring big-time comedian: The Conan O’Brien Show. And it he did a pretty bloody spot-on job of it, too.

He did the essential legwork of exporting Aussie jokes about living in shitty rental houses built in the 1840s to the bloody world. Brings a patriotic tear to me eye.
Cody, from Melbourne, has cut his teeth on stages around the world and has gotten serious plaudits for his charmingly blokey, have-a-go comedy. He’s performed on some of the biggest stages, like Just for Laughs in Montreal, the New York Comedy Festival.
But Conan is a big deal – here’s hoping we’ve got another solid Aussie legend to pretend we literally personally know when we talk to Americans in bars.
Source: YouTube.