WATCH: QLD Bloke Uses Blowies As An Analogy For Cyclone Debbie On Live TV

Yesterday, we had the distinct pleasure of collecting some of Queensland’s best responses to the impending terror of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Most residents within the Category 4 storm’s path chose to get the hell out of town, but not before taking the mick out of the otherwise terrifying situation.
A day later, Debbie’s arrival on the mainland is imminent. The storm is just making landfall in north Queensland, and the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted that gusts possibly reaching a harrowing 270km/h could batter anything in their path – including the town of Bowen.

And yet, Bowen’s remaining residents are still – still – poking what fun they can at Debbie’s expense, even on live news broadcasts.

In a most perfect slice of television magic, a pretty calm and collected fella saw it fit to describe Debbie’s impact on his beloved home in the cheekily referential language of the people:

Go on, watch it again. Savour the details. The way his voice continues unabated. The card-holding woman giving him an embarrassed (or proud?) slap. The method in which our trusty reporter segued right into what’s “written on the fenceline.” 

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We can’t condone the exact same wording as our Queenslander pal, but let us say this: the storm definitely could continue make a mess of things. Stay safe, pals.

Source and photo: Robert Ovadia / Twitter.