There are three things in this world that are certain: death, taxes, and that Steve Price will always be a huge gronk because all those years on talkback radio poisoned his brain and convinced him that he is the only smart and correct person alive.

Price has an interesting relationship with ‘The Project‘, where they tolerate him like a drunk uncle going on a racist tirade – he seems to be there solely to provide comedic value by being confused by young people and to provide right-wing talking points for Waleed to call “ridiculous”.
My suspicion is that he’s put on the show in the interest of balance, but ultimately he ends up just being either ignored or ridiculed, both of which I am frankly 100% fine with.
While Price’s opinions on this week’s protests at Parliament House were 100% what you would predict, Aly is a bit of a wildcard. The right likes to imagine him as some insane leftist, but he has a few issues on which he will swerve surprisingly moderate, if not even conservative – largely around things like decorum and etiquette in political activism.
This time, however, he fell even to the left of Labor, who roundly denounced the activists (which, I mean, they would, considering they support offshore detention), weighing in as a surprising supporter of their right to interrupt parliament in protest.
Waleed’s question set the tone perfectly:
“Steve, you love seeing people rail against the elites, you’re a lover of free speech, I can only assume you’re entirely on these guys’ side?”
His response?
“Well, you’d be making the wrong assumption there, Waleed. Free speech shouldn’t mean a free-for-all. The mistake these feral protesters made yesterday was storming into the chamber and disrupting our democracy. 

“I mean, that was question time and these lunatics go in there and glue themselves to the railing and question time had to be put back by half an hour.”
Waleed did not agree:
“That is part of the process of democracy, they interrupted question time, they interrupted a series of Dorothy Dixers, where people don’t answer questions that they’re asked.”
Needless to say, Price was not stoked about that. Have a watch:

Source and photo: Channel 10.