Good Lord, we need our power couples, those ineffable guiding lights of relationship #goals. Unforch for us, one such pairing has recently fallen into a maelstrom of citrus-flavoured shade, leaving us lost in a cruel, uncaring world. 

Thankfully, the new trailer for Southside With You is a pretty decent distraction from the unraveling maw that is Bey-Z. It’s an upcoming biopic, of sorts, that focuses on what seems to be the eight-hour slice of time encompassing Barack and Michelle Obama’s (nee Robinson) first date. 

Of course, before he was one of the most powerful people in history – and before she fully cemented her place as a bloody effective activist – Barry and Michelle were just two twenty-somethings in Chicago, who drove absolute bombs, took each other out for movies, and awkwardly / cutely discussed if they were even on a date. 

Just like us. Then, well, history happened, and look at ’em now. 

The flick was directed by Richard Tanne, and stars Tika Sumpter and Tanner Sawyer. It hits cinemas in the US in August, after a strong showing at Sundance. If this doesn’t ease your vicarious first-date cravings, well, maybe this will:

Source: Variety / YouTube. 
Photo: YouTube.