Fault Netflix’s marketing team, you cannot – dropping research on when exactly viewers get hooked on TV shows yesterday—the schmick, accompanying graphic serving as a free ad worldwide—and now, announcing the launch of their subscription function in Apple’s app store today – with the help of inimitable Litchfield inmates Taystee and Crazy Eyes.

The new clip is the first ta(y)ste(e) of Orange Is The New Black since we finished binging season 3 this year, and presents Prison Mom + Suzanne with a mysterious iPhone that’s armed with the even more unfathomable Siri. 

If nothing else, the “THEY CAN SEE US” line from Crazy Eyes only further cements how well-deserved Uzo Aduba’s Emmy was this week.   

Netflix has held off from introducing an in-app subscription purchase of the service for years – likely because of the loss associated with such a move – Apple typically eats up 30% of all app sales.

But after the company’s biggest year to date and further expansion globally (CC: us), Netflix has bit the bullet – worth it alone for this sweet clip, tbh.

Miss you, Litchfield. via Netflix