Another day, another pisstake of Donald Trump that’s really just his own words.

Tom Hanks, America’s most harmless bloke, just took to the Saturday Night Live stage for the ninth time. Of course, his appearance came smack bang in the middle of the most vitriolic US election campaign in living memory.

So, what did Lorne Michaels’ crew do? They cast him as presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace, ’cause if anyone could nail the role of a moral compass in these tumultuous times, it’d be Tom f’n Hanks.

His trusty mug was the perfect foil to Alec Baldwin’s blustering rants, and Hanks’ presence kinda made SNL’s Republican candidate seem even more off-kilter by comparison. 

Of course, Baldwin’s source material is pretty close to the dressed-up comedic version in the first place. Check out Trump-win’s response to the mounting allegations of sexual assault leveled against him, and realise the actual candidate just vowed to sue ’em all:


Then came another passage that only slightly embellished the actual debate. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton reacted much the same way the planet did when Trump seemed to confuse C-sections for abortions:

Finally, Hanks’ character took part in an exchange that was, quite frankly, less ridiculous than its real-world inspiration. ICYMI, Trump legitimately teased the possibility that he’d reject his near-inevitable loss due to the election being “rigged.”

Hanks-as-Wallace asked how exactly the media was making that happen. The response wasn’t so much a joke as a statement of fact:

When a true-to-life representation of an election candidate comes across like a dick opposite Tom Hanks, you’ve really got to start asking some serious questions about their eligibility – and whether they’re more suited to being a fictitious mob boss or a fake high-school bully than the genuine Republican frontrunner.

Source: Saturday Night Live / NBC.
Photo: Saturday Night Live / Facebook.