Noni Hazlehurst, your speech-writing skills are real bloody impressive. Very bloody impressive. 

At the 58th Logie Awards last night, ya childhood fave, the former Play School presenter, Better Homes & Gardens host & previous partner of ever-terrifying ‘Wolf Creek’ murderer John Jarrett, was inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

She’s only the second woman in 32 years (?!) to be inducted, which is just batshit insane. 

But in her speech (which has now gained viral status), she manages to call that out and speak about the sexism in the Aussie television industry, as well as talk about racism and bigotry. All in one speech. 

She spoke about the racism that’s occurred in the lead up to this years awards, with many ridiculous shithead punters with Facebook accounts calling the inclusion of Gold Logie winner Waleed Aly and national heroine Lee Lin Chin in the category as ‘tokenism’. 

We’ve honestly never seen someone fit so many huge topics into an acceptance speech without the wrap-it-up/’please stop talking immediately‘ music being brought down on them. 

Anyway, enjoy. 

This quote, though:

“Things are clearly changing, but they are changing glacially slowly. The great thing about glaciers is that if you aren’t on them you go under. 

I’ve been riding that glacier for 40 years and I’m staying on top of it.”

We’ve loved you since we we’re kids, Noni. And we love you even more (if that was even possible) now. WATCH: Noni Hazlehurst’s Bigot-Beltin’ Logies Speech Killed The M-Fkn Game

Source: Youtube

Photo: Graham Denholm / Getty.