WATCH: Nick Jonas & James Franco Are Sinister Frat Bros In The ‘GOAT’ Trailer

GOAT, based on a memoir about hazing in the U.S. fraternity system, and with a script by David Gordon Green of The Pineapple Express, was one of the most talked-about and acclaimed entries at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
The long-awaited trailer for the film arrived overnight, and it’s fair to say that the subject matter here is pretty far removed from the bro’d out frat fests of recent films like 22 Jump Street and Bad Neighbours
GOAT stars Nick Jonas and Ben Schnetzer as brothers who pledge the same fraternity, and delves into the brutal rituals and traditions that occur there in the name of brotherhood. James Franco is also involved, because how could be not be? 
Brad Land, the author of the 2005 memoir from which the film takes its inspiration, said of the subject matter:
“I never set out to write a polemic, but I do hope people might read it and think a little more about the ways we hurt each other. Violence, in any form, is something each of us deals with-sanctioned, random, public, personal – they’re all expressions of the same base thing.”
GOAT is out in the U.S. in September, with details of an Australian release forthcoming. 

Source: YouTube.