WATCH: New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Hints At The Origin Story You Wanna Know

Gird your golden lassos, fam: a new Wonder Woman trailer has dropped and it’s mighty fine. Like, you’ll need to have a cold shower after viewing it, fine.
Gal Gadot (AKA Wonder Woman herself) took to the ‘Gram to help Warner Bros / DC drop the trailer. 
“Welcome to Themyscira,” she said. “I am proud to present the NEW trailer for #WonderWoman!”
What in the world is a Themyscira? For the uninitiated, it’s the home of Wonder Woman’s people – y’know, the badass, sword-wielding group of women called Amazons
The real juicy part of the trailer was that it showed heaps of stuff around Diana (Wonder Woman) as a kid, so folks reckon the film itself will have more of a focus on the origin of how Wonder Woman came to be. People are stoked that they might be able to emulate this movie’s entirely fictional (but undeniably awesome) plot line so that they themselves can live their most inspired Wonder Woman-esque life. 
Anyway, we won’t fuck you around any longer – check out the trailer below. (WRITER’S NOTE: it might be best to have a spare pair of undies on hand, ‘cos you’re about to ruin the ones you’re wearing RN). 
Photo: Wonder Woman.