WATCH: New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Has A Whole Lot More Joker For Ya

Fresh off the heels of news that DC Comics baddie flick ‘Suicide Squad’ is undergoing expensive reshoots to make it more fun for audiences amped up on ‘Deadpool’, a new trailer has dropped which keeps up the This Movie Will Be Lots Of Fun, We Promise vibe – as well as giving a much bigger look at Jared Leto’s portrayal of The Joker.
Take a squiz:
This does look a lot more fun than the absolutely dire ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, the memory of which will exist only as a two-and-a-half hour blank spot in our collective cultural memory. We’re apprehensive though: despite the good cast, DC’s post-Batman trilogy movie efforts have not been great.
So we’ve got a couple more seconds of Leto’s Joker, but also Will Smith shooting things and some gratuitous shots of Margot Robbie’s bare midriff, if thats your thing.
If all goes well and it doesn’t need to be entirely reshot to conform to whatever trend is going on in superhero films in July, it’ll drop in August.
Source: YouTube.